As we prepare to take a much needed break, we spend some time going over favorite moments from the past year of podcasting... Join us on a stroll (or ...View Details

Join us for a special Sari-sode where we discuss the absolutely wild lengths people went through for healing over the years... Its gross. And we love ...View Details

That's right! We're back with another installment of Hakuna Your Tatas, but this time, with a twist. Some headlines prove that truth can be stranger t...View Details

Join us this week as we dive into whether or not parts of the human body can actually explode, or spontaneously ignite! (Hint: One of them, yes. One o...View Details

Join us this week as we discuss a few cases that seem very straight forward, and yet the official findings indicate something else... Sometimes cases ...View Details

Val is back for this episode as we discuss Cemetery Superstitions, and other fun ways to pronounce words wrong. Join us as we learn exactly what NOT t...View Details

In a short, sweet, and surprising solo episode, Sari takes you back in history to visit embalming techniques, and discusses where we are today! ...and...View Details

Would you put a window in your coffin? How far would you go to keep your body intact? Join us this week as we discuss some Victorian Mourning Traditio...View Details

Ep 32: Back That Axe Up

Join us as we dive into two of the most infamous axe murder cases in U.S. history and find out how jazz can save your life, and the important role tha...View Details

Ep 31: Dark Waters

Join us this week as Val shares some unfortunate sea stories, and Sari scratches her pirate obsession by sharing some sea worthy superstitions.      T...View Details

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